Eva-Lotta Lamm: Interface sketching workshop

During a 3-hour workshop, Eva-Lotta taught us about interface sketching.

Sketch of controls using the tilt sensor of a phone
A sketch of using the tilt sensor on a phone.
Interaction vocabulary
Defining an interaction vocabulary and interaction states
Sketches from memory of the BaconReader app
Sketches made of a well known app, from memory. No peaking allowed.
High level overview sketches of a homepage
Sketching a high level overview of a homepage. What are important things to note, and what can be left out.
How to highlight and apply shading
Using highlighting and shading.
Playing a sketching game
Playing a sketching game. Each draw a dot, and try to make a straight line towards the others' dot in one go.
Circles, circles, circles.
Squares and drawing text in boxes
Drawing squares and how to draw text in boxes (text first, box last).
Dots, straight lines and arches.
Drawing dots, straight lines and arches.
Triangles are hard. Ever tried to draw an even-sided triangle?